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Operating Your Tesla

Visit when an event is happening for more fun but more traffic 

Autopilot Your Tesla

These destinations will be pre-programmed in your Tesla navigation favourites


All our cars are equipped with Tesla Autopilot Software

Use it only on highways with clear lane markings

If you can’t see the lane markings, it can’t see them

It can change lanes but it can’t make turns, take an exit or see construction cones

Keep your hands on the wheel or you will get a flashing warning

All our cars are equipped with Autopark: (parallel & perpendicular)

For Autopark, the car scans the space between 2 cars and a P will appear to indicate it can park in that space

Please be cautious when using Autopilot. By signing our agreement you are agreeing to waive your right to demand any compensation for any accident
Evoto is not liable for anything that may happen to you 

Charging Your Tesla

Living in a House:

Charging overnight will be enough
if you are not below 100km

You can use a regular 110v socket

For a slightly faster charge,
use a 220v socket (washing machine or stove plug)

Living in an Apartment:

You can charge overnight at an Electric Circuit (Level 2) charger if there is one near your place (~8 to 12 hours for a full charge)

You can charge at a Supercharger or a Level 3 charger while you make an errand to the mall or supermarket (~50 to 90 minutes)

Staying at a Hotel

Try to stay at a “Destination Hotel”
The valet will use a Tesla Destination Charger to charge it overnight
We have a list of all the Destination hotels in our Visiting MTL page

Even if your hotel does not have Destination Chargers, ask if they have a Level 2 charging station or if they can plug it in a regular 110v socket

Going on a Road Trip

On the road: Use Supercharger stations on your route. They are located on most major highways. They have at least 8 stalls in each station unlike other public charging networks that only have 1 or 2 fast charging stations at their locations.
Superchargers are always located in big shopping centres with food courts, restaurants and washrooms

When you arrive at a home: Try to slow charge overnight from a 110v or 220v plug. The adapter cable is pretty long, so you can pull a charge from inside the garage / house

When you arrive at a hotel: Try to stay at a “Destination Hotel”. The valet will use a Tesla Destination Charger to charge it overnight

Electricity Details

L1 At home 110v = 5km/hr

L1 At home 220v = 10km/hUse it only on highways with clear lane markings

L2 Circuit Electric or FLO = 40km/h to 80km/h

L2 Tesla Destination Charger = 40km/h to 80km/h

L3 Circuit Electric or FLO using Chademo = 300km/h

L3 Tesla Supercharger = 500km/h

Supercharger Etiquette
*Please note, once the car is full, we will be charged idle fees at the Supercharger *Please don’t plug it in while you go the movies or any activity longer than an hour
You can never leave your car at a charging parking spot if it is not being charged

Montreal Charging

It is best to charge overnight at home or at your hotel unless you are really low
For faster charging, always use Tesla’s supercharger network or the DC Fast Public networks 

Tesla Superchargers:

1. Place Vertu Mall Adonis Parking – 3131 Blvd. Cote-Vertu

2. Tesla Showroom Montreal – 5350 Ferrier St. 

3, Carrefour Mall Laval – 3035 Blvd Carrefour 

4. Dix30 Mall under Urban Planet Brossard– 6500 Blvd. Rome

5. Super C Supermarket Mont Tremblant – 420 RTE 117

6. IGA Extra Supermarket Mascouche – 65 Montée Masson

* Normally 8 to 12 stalls available
* ~50 minutes to charge

BRCC | DC FAST | Level 3 Chargers:

1. Mont Royal Metro Parking on Berri (Plateau)

2. BRCC Atwater Market – 138 Avenue Atwater 

3. BRCC Saint Hubert Boucherville – 500 Albanel St.

4. BRCC Saint Hubert Laval – 3325 Blvd. St Martin W.

5. BRCC Saint Hubert Richilieu – 2330 Chemin des  Patriotes

6. All Cadillac Fairview Malls

* Normally 1 to 2 stalls available
* ~90 minutes to charge

Use the car nav to find Tesla Superchargers | Use the ChargeHub app to find public Fast Chargers
Tip: Always check the ChargeHub app before heading there as there is normally only one fast charger that may be in use

Our Rental Check List

Whether you are here for business or pleasure, Montreal & Quebec City are full of amazing places to see
When visiting & renting our cars, make sure to check out some of our recommendations below

Staying in the city

  • Send us your Driver’s License
  • Watch all 3 training videos
  • Confirm you watched all 3 training videos
  • Read our House Rules
  • Download or visit Chargehub App
  • Locate your nearest charging stations
  • Know your charging options & the time needed to charge
  • Meet us at the agreed time & place
Going on a Roadtrip

  • Send us your Driver’s License
  • Watch all 3 training videos
  • Confirm you watched all 3 training videos
  • Read our House Rules
  • Visit Tesla Supercharger Map to plan your route
  • Know your charging options at your destination
  • Download Chargehub App to plan charging at your destination
  • Meet us at the agreed time & place

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