EV Tips & Tricks

Whatever the reason is for renting our Tesla’s, here are a few tips & tricks about managing range anxiety, winter conditions and Montreal’s distinct driving & parking laws

EV Winter Tips

  • Know your max range in summer & winter

  • If you are running low, go slow

  • You will lose 30% battery range in cold weather (for battery heat, cabin heat, snow resistance)

  • Keep battery charged between 30% to 80% for optimal use

  • For City trips: charge at home overnight

  • For Road trips: charge at Superchargers or DC Fast networks
    (Every 1.5 hours, you will need to stop to charge for 20 mins)

  • EV’s are quiet so pedestrians may not hear the car

  • Regen braking handles differently in icy conditions

  • Regen braking won’t engage when battery is full. It coasts at 90% and on highways

  • For max range: Plug in | Pre-heat while charging | Use seat heaters | Keep car indoors

You have 75 KiloWatt hours. You can go ~5km / KWh & You have 3 cards in the car for public charging networks in Canada
Autopilot is good for freeway / highway driving and slow traffic, no urban roads

Montreal Parking Tips

When parking around town, be aware of all types of parking signs

Paid Parking

You can use the STM parking app (card) or  the machine (card or coins). In both cases, you will need the # of your spot. Check down or across the road as there is one per block

Prohibited Parking

Be careful of  the orange “No parking” signs. These are used to indicate snow removal, street cleaning or construction. They pop up overnight. In this zone, you will be towed

Reserved Parking

Sometimes regular paid parking spots will be covered with a red bag to indicate that this spot is reserved for an indefinite time. You will get a ticket if you leave the car there

Residential Parking

Some parking signs contain an arrow, indicating that the sign applies to what is in front or behind the pole.  A sign without any arrows applies to the entire block

Montreal Driving Tips

There are a few rules to watch out for when driving in Montreal:

1. No right on red on the island of Montreal!

2. A blinking green light means that oncoming traffic is stopped and you have the right of way (used in place of a green left arrow)

3, When turning left, a solid green circle means wait for oncoming traffic to clear before turning.

4. When turning left, a flashing green light, means go ahead and turn

5. Stop signs in Quebec usually have “ARRÊT” written on them, which is the French word for “stop” (while stop signs in France say “STOP”!)


6. When parking around town, be careful of  the parking signs

7. Pedestrians rule and bicyclists are around
(be prepared for blocked intersections)

8. There is no 3-second delay from red to green. 
Sometimes, it is better to stop for the yellows

9. Kids under 7 can’t be left alone a in car

10. Watch closely for highway exits, you don’t get much warning. Sometimes the exit ramp is in the right lane

Montreal Charging Tips

It is best to charge overnight at home or at your hotel unless you are really low
For faster charging, always use Tesla’s supercharger network or the DC Fast Public networks 

Tesla Superchargers:

1. Place Vertu Mall Montreal near Adonis parking (VSL)

2. Tesla Showroom Montreal near Orange Julep (NDG)

3, Dix30 Mall under Urban Planet (Brossard)

4. Promenade Drummondville (Drummondville)

5. IGA supermarket Levis (Quebec City)

6. Clinic Dermessence Magog (Sherbrooke)

BRCC | DC FAST | Level 3 Chargers:

1. Mont Royal Metro Parking on Berri (Plateau)

2. Reno Depot on Nobel(Boucherville)

3. Saint Hubert on Abanel (Boucherville)

4. Saint Hubert on St. Martin (Laval)

5. Saint Hubert on Patriotes (Richilieu)

6. All Cadillac Fairview Malls (Montreal)

Use the car nav to find Tesla Superchargers | Use the ChargeHub app to find public Fast Chargers
Tip: Always check the ChargeHub app before heading there as there is normally only one fast charger that may be in use

Local Fast Chargers

Montreal City Level 3 Chargers & Superchargers

Regional Fast Chargers

Ontario & Quebec Highway Superchargers

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