General House Keeping & Safety

Please treat our cars like your own. Have fun with Autopilot and all the other features. If you exercise caution and general common sense you should be fine.
Rest assured you are covered by our commercial Insurance in case anything happens. You do of course, have to pay for any parking, speeding or other tickets you get during the rental

House (Car) Rules

  • No smoking in the car obviously

  • No eating or sleeping in the car preferably

  • No pets in the car

  • No toddlers in the car unless you have a car seat

  • No one under 25 is allowed to drive the car

  • No unauthorized drivers if their name is not on the agreement

  • Please be mindful when driving

  • Tesla owners are known safe, pleasant & courteous drivers

  • You can’t have more than 6 people in Model X at a time

  • You can’t have more than 5 people in Model S or 3 at a time

  • Remember, our team tracks your location & speed at all times

  • You don’t need our approval to post photos online

As the renter, you are responsible for the car at all times
Insurance will not cover you if someone not on the agreement has an accident


Please exercise caution when using AutoPilot

Please watch the training videos we email you upon booking

Please plan your routes carefully and be aware of your battery % at all times

Running out of batteries is NOT covered by Evoto or Tesla road side assistance.
You will be charged if you have to be towed for running out of battery

In case of a flat tire or emergency, contact Evoto customer service immediately

If you can’t reach us for any reason, contact Tesla service centre @514-908-3827 ext 2
or Tesla Emergency @1877-798-3752


Our team can track your location and speed at all times

We have full diagnostics of the car remotely at all times.

Driving at reckless speeds will result in limiting acceleration + top speed

Please do not let the battery drop under 30 km. We will call you

Please do not lose the charging cards or charging adapters. You will be charged

Always check that you have taken all your belongings from the car before returning it

"Drive The Future"

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