Model S Special

Mtlarabais Model S Deal Details

840$+tx 400$+tx For 3 Weekdays  (Tue to Thu)
1200$+tx 500$+tx For 3 days on Wkend (Fri to Sun)

-Decide if you want the weekday deal or the weekend deal
-Pay the amount by credit card on this page below
-Please send us a photo of your license to hello@evoto.ca
-Please call to book your dates

-Watch our training videos: Walkthrough Model S EN | Autopilot | Charging
-Visit our info pages: Charging | Driving | Housekeeping | Prohibited Use

– Each day starts @ 8am  and ends @ midnight 12am
– You may pick up the car at any time during the day as long as you paid for it
-Our Location: Hotel Mont Stephen Garage 1440 Rue Drummond, Montreal, QC

-You will be charged a fee ($50) if you return late or with low charge (under 40km)
-If you have any questions call us @ 514-600-4588 or email us hello@evoto.ca
-Our Terms and Conditions

Please note, your name on your license must match your name on your credit card
We reserve the right to cancel your reservation 1 week in advance
You must be over 25 years old

Model S Special Deal – Gift Card

Minimum 3 day bookings | Totals include discount

1 Day = 8am to 11:59pm
Pickup = 8am or later
Return = 12am or earlier
Weekend = Fri–Sat–Sun
Weekday = Mon–Tue–Wed–Thu

For 3 Weekdays  (Mon to Wed):

For 3 days on Wkend (Fri to Sun):


Taxes (14.975%): $ 0.00

Total Amount: $ 0.00

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