Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we get
If you still have further question, text, email or call us and we will happily answer them

FAQ 1. Do you offer long term car leases on your Tesla cars?

Unfortunately no. We are a short term car rental business. We don’t offer rentals longer than 1 month

FAQ 2. How far can I go on a single charge?

On a full charge the Model S gets 400Km & the Model X gets 350Km but we recommend you buffer 50Km as back up at all times. It is not good for the battery to charge to 100% so please always charge to 85% or 90%. It is also not good to degrade the battery lower than 30%

FAQ 3. Is there a deposit?

There is a $2,000 or $2,500 security deposit taken on the day of the rental.
This amount is pre-authorized or “frozen”on your credit card 

FAQ 4. Is roadside assistance included?

Yes. Roadside assistance is included
There is an extra charge of $300

FAQ 5. Can I add a secondary Driver?

Yes, you can add another Driver free of charge – if they are over 25 years old.
No one else should drive the car except those who signed  the rental agreement

FAQ 6. What documents do I need at pickup?

We just need your credit card for the security deposit. We will however, need to see your Driver’s License photo if you had not previously sent it to our email

FAQ 7. What is the charging policy?

You must return the car with at least 50km range
Normally when you charge the car, you should never charge to 100%
Always keep a buffer of 50km

FAQ 8. What insurance is included? Can I use my own insurance?

Insurance is not included. There is a mandatory insurance of $50/day
This is our corporate car rental insurance. Most personal & credit card insurance does not cover luxury electric cars

FAQ 9. How much will it cost me to charge?

It will cost you ZERO dollars to charge our Tesla
Supercharging at Tesla Chargers is free. Please note that you will incur ‘idle fees’ if you are still plugged in after the charging is complete. Before you leave the vehicle for a walk, check the time it needs to charge and plan your time so that you return to the car and unplug when it has finished charging.

FAQ 10. What is charging etiquette?

Don’t park the car in a charging spot if you are not charging. Don’t leave the car in a charger after you have fully charged.
You will be taking up a valuable parking spot not to mention, you may incur idle fees.
After your rental is over, please don’t park a regular gas car in a charging parking spot or you will be be known forever as a GAS-hole

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