Had an Accident?

Evoto can offer a replacement

Evoto will work with your Insurer to get you an EV while your Tesla is repaired. Contact us with your claim details or ask your Claim Adjuster to send us an email. The model and rental period will depend on your coverage

Insurance Details

  • Send us an email with the following details:

  • Claim Number & Insurance Company

  • Claim Adjuster contact: Name | Phone | Email

  • Customer contact: Name | Phone | Email | Address | License

  • Estimated dates for car rental & total number of days

Insurance Replacement Process

Evoto contacts Claims Adjuster to confirm coverage, pricing & timing

Evoto then contacts the customer to schedule car pickup dates

If the Insurer won’t cover the full rental, we check with the customer to pay the balance

For vehicles registered to a company, customer must pay the taxes separately

Insurers we worked with

If your Insurance Provider is not here, we will still work with them to get you your replacement vehicle